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네.. 컴터 경력이 20년정도 되는데요..-_-;;

지금까지 몰랐다가 오늘 키보드를 여러개 구매해서 사용해보는 동안 알게된 팁입니다.

보통 넘락(NumLock)을 켜고 작업을 하다보면 왼쪽 오른쪽 방향키가 필요하게 됩니다. 보통 그럴때는 넘락을 끄던지

아니면 바로 왼쪽에 붙어있는 4-방향키를 사용해서 상하좌우를 움직이게 되는데요,

넘락을 켜놓은 상태에서 Shift를 누르고 숫자키를 누르시면 방향키가 됩니다!

정말 놀랍군요.... 혹시 저만 몰랐던 걸까요.;;

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recently I had installed Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) for my laptop. During the installation I had to some settings done and fix some problems. I've taken some notes however, I thought it would be nice to share with others. I guess that's what GNU is for.

fix ALC861 sound volume problem

This is already fixed

If you don't want for the updates to get uploaded to repositories just do:

#sudo apt-get install module-assistant

#module-assistant a-i alsa-source

reload the sound modules (or restart) and it should be working.

CPU temperature applet

#apt-get install Computer Temperature monitor
(or something like that.)

otherwise look for the package using...

#apt-cache search temperature

Installing Internet Explorer

trashcan on desktop

run "gconf-editor"

go to apps>nautilus>desktop

click "trash_icon_visiible"

Your icon will be there now.

workaround for laggy synergy

run synergyc as root.

downgrading firefox 3 to firefox 2

sudo apt-get purge firefox

rm -r /home/you/.mozilla/firefox

sudo apt-get install firefox-2

if you want to back to firefox 3

sudo apt-get remove firefox-2

auso dpt-get install firefox-3

for laptop temperature monitoring

apt-get install sensors-applet
apt-get install smartmontools

install LBP3200 network printer @ ubuntu

setup/ install LBP3200 network printer @ ubuntu

Printer Location: DL001, WindowsXP
Pritner Model: Canon LBP3200

Helps from:
a. Linux Driver Download(
b. Linux Driver Download(.deb File,

1. download driver from Canon website
     Some countries have no drivers. You can download .deb file from Japan website.
   You require to download two files.
   file name: cndrvcups-capt_1.60-1_i386.deb, cndrvcups-common_1.60-1_i386.deb

2. Click each file and start to install using GDebi Package manager

3. System >> Management >> Print
4. [New Priter]
5. on new printer window, select 'Windows Printer via SAMBA' and type network printer name manually or click search to find one you want.
(sometimes, you cannot select from Search due to the access permission)
6. After select your printer, click Check to find out if it's available.
7. click [Continue]
8. select Canon from 'select from database' list. click next
9. select 'LBP3200 CAPT ver.1.5' from 'Model' and select 'Canon LBP3200 CAPT ver.1.5(recommend)' from 'driver name' and click next
   if you cannot see your printer, package installation should have been failed.
10. Click [Apply]

transform your gnome to mac style.

using NateON messenger with pidgin

How to use pptp VPN on hardy

install VPN Connection Manager (search pptp) on add/remove.
restart following services:
sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart
sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/25NetworkManager restart
sudo /etc/dbus-1/event.d/26NetworkManagerDispatcher restart

look into Network Applet, voila

Install Flash 10 nonfree

first remove swfdec:

apt-get remove swfdec-mozilla

then, add source.list following:

deb hardy main

 #apt-get update; apt-get install flashplugin-nonfreebeta
  1. Rynn.A 이영 2008.05.16 20:24

    talk about getting dizzy in front of the computers...
    ... 아는 언어인데도 모르는 언어. >_<

    하아 -0- 5월달만 들어서 12번째 나홀로 집에를 찍으면서 외로워서... (훌쩍)

    • !kKo 2008.05.24 20:19

      요새 통 제 블로그에 신경을 못써서 답글이 달렸는지도 몰랐네요;; :D

  2. John Lee 2008.05.17 02:03

    통 뭔소린지...

    • !kKo 2008.05.24 20:20

      ㅎㅎ 그냥 컴퓨터 이야기에요 ㅋㅋ

  3. mepay 2008.05.24 21:20

    dk gk
    아 하 ~


    • !kKo 2008.05.25 11:51


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