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How to fuzzy cd (change directory) to specific directory

I've been working on IT fields for more than decades and there are lots of code repositories and snippets.


I do have lots of code repositories in github, gitlab, bitbucket, and all different organizations.


When one day I realized I have all these repositories thrown into single folder ~/repo, then I decided to organize these folders by grouping them into company name.

~$ cd repo
~/repo$ ls
companyA companyB companyC companyD companyF github companyI mcysd personal

Inside of these companies, I have folders named by projects.


Looked neat, and easy to find folders, yet, it was painful everytime when I open new terminal and cd into directories.


So I wrote simple bash script to go to diretory easily using fzf

If you hanve't installed the fzf, install it first.

$ sudo apt install fzf


Then open ~/.bashrc with your favorite editor.

$ nano ~/.bashrc


Copy and paste this script in the end of the file and save it.

repo() {
    [ "$1" ] && local qTerm="-q $1"
    cd "$(ls /home/ikko/repo/*/*/ -d | fzf $qTerm)"


This script will search directories and subdirectories up to 2-depth from startDir.
Change starting point by editing /home/ikko/repo/*/*/

You can rename function name repo to any name you want to.

You also can add more */ but I don't recommend for slowing down the script.


Now time to test new script,

$ repo bac

> /home/ikko/repo/github/IRKit-Javascript/
> bac

That's it! Happy scripting!